About Dipilto

About Las Marias Estate:


* Los Planes, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.

Total Area:
* 57 manzanas
* 40 hectares

Type of Coffee:
* 100 % SHG, Arabica, washed
* Average Production: 400 sacks (69 Kg.) (150 Lb.)
600 cwt. "Oro"

Average Height:
1265 meters above sea level
*Average Rainfall:
1500 millimeters
Average Annual Temperature:
17 – 24° C,
20 permanent workers
80 temporary workers

Municipality Information:

Dipilto is one of Nicaragua’s smallest municipalities, covering an area of 106 square kilometers. Ninety percent of its population of 5,000 live in rural areas. Dipilto is famous for its pine groves, for the warmth, religious fervor and loyalty of its people, and for the high quality of its coffee.

Coffee cultivation is one of the strong traditions maintained by the population of Dipilto. The fertile soils with abundant organic materials and the high altitude above 1,200 meters provide agreeable climate perfect for coffee growing. An average temperature of 20° centigrade and rainfall distributed throughout the year are appropriate for Dipilto’s traditional Arabica coffee varieties, where the caturra and bourbon varietals are predominant. Under shade trees and in harmony with nature, dedicated plantation management completes the ideal conditions necessary for the production of top-quality coffee.

This is a mountainous zone that hosts Nicaragua’s highest peaks. It is rich in landscape, biodiversity, religious life and coffee growing traditions. Most of the land in Dipilto belongs to the Dipilto – Jalapa Mountain Range Protected Area.

With fewer than 3,000 hectares of coffee plants, this small municipality is considered Nicaragua’s leading zone in terms of coffee quality. Because of its specific characteristics and natural attributes, over the past three years Dipilto has produced 29 winning coffees in the Cup of Excellence, which were then sold in e-auctions at record prices well above the C market.


Contact Information :

Henry Hüeck

P.O. Box: 3798
Managua, Nicaragua
Central America.

+(505) 8860017
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